A few quotes from our subscribers

" I must suggest you consider subscribing. This is the magazine that covers what amateurs do, think, and feel, all in their own words. It covers star parties, people, equipment ideas in delightful detail." A.N. TeleVue Optics

"This publication is a worthy successor to Telescope Making. When I first saw your publication at RTMC, I purchased all the back issues. Enclosed is my 2-year subscription." B.G. CA

"Your publication is almost startling. AA covers both the wistful contemplation of engaging a wide-open universe to attempt to come to grips with it, and the exhilaration of what we yearned for the most when we joined the local club- the fellowship. AA is crammed with fellowship! - D.C. AL 

"I was skeptical at first when I hear that Tom Clark was giving up the reins of our beloved magazine. To my surprise and astonishment, you have kept up Amateur Astronomy to is previous excellence. My favorite feature has always been "Shorts from Down Under". It is nice to keep up with what our freinds in OZ are up to. William, CA  

"All right, all right, I give up! After borrowing copies of your magazine from a friend over the past year or so, I can't wait for him to finish with it each time so I'm going to do what I should have done some time back. Here's my subscription." L. C. CA 

"AA has definitely filled the void left by the expiration of Deep Sky Magazine. I do feel that it will only be a matter of time before AA will become the new standard that other magazines will hope to achieve. . . great job!" S. L. IL 

"The varied articles and lively writing were quite enjoyable. Since there is no astronomy club in my area I now feel that I am a member of a nationwide network of a great bunch of people! AA fits nicely between the large national glossies and the local club newsletter." J.S. PA

"The coverage and ample photographs of the major star parties are interesting to myself and others who would like to attend but lack the vacation time. The photos are very helpful and give the feeling of greater interaction. I find myself reading your magazine cover to cover as soon as I get it." J. W. CA

"You are doing an excellent job with the magazine--love all those big scopes that look like they belong in a cannon factory!! Great articles, fine photos, and lotsa heart!! Don't change anything!" H. McG. CA

"Amateur Astronomy is much more varied and far better written than the old TM or Deep Sky, and much less commercial than are S&T and Astronomy. It is a lot less pompous and mindlessly competitive than Deep Sky." W.M. OH 

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